Specialists in ultrasonic cutting of food

 Aeson snij-akoustiekAfter investing in special cutting machines, it is extremely important to be able to order the associated tools timely. Aeson simulates all the designed cutting tools themselves. In our application lab we test and we cut small series. We provide advice and design (if necessary) choose appropriate tools.

If necessary, ultrasonic cutting tools are manufactured by Aeson.
There are possibilities to work with 20, 30, 35, 36, 40 and 70 kHz. The knife length and shape can be customized with different frequencies depending on the application.Aeson simuleert zijn snijgereedschappen Because of the perfect-looking cut, Aeson ultrasonic cutting tools are often used for cutting cheese, sandwiches, pate, cakes, chocolate, licorice, etc.


Ultrasonic cutting tools

Half wave mes voor diverse snijtoepassingen

Half wave knive for
all kinds of cutting applications


Half wave triange voor zware snijtoepassingen

Half wave triange for heavy 
cutting applications


Half wave two step voor het snijden met hoge amplitude

Half wave two step for
cutting with high amplitudes


Full wave mes voor grote snijhoogte

Full wave knive for
high cutting height


Full wave mes voor extra grote snijhoogte

Full wave knive for 
extra high cutting height