Specialists in ultrasonic cutting of food

Biscuit cutting

Biscuit cutting;
Left without and right with ultrasound

Ultrasonic cutting (frozen) cakes

Ultrasonic cutting (frozen)
cakes gives a nice clean cut
and fewer crumbs.

 Ultrasonic cutting of gum

Ultrasonic cutting gum prevents
fouling of the blades and speeds up the cutting process.
Moreover, the quality of the cut is better.

 Marzipan cut with ultrasound

Marzipan; with- and without ultrasound.
Not only the cutting result is beautiful,
the product is hardly deformed, the pollution of the knife is minimal and the cutting speed is doubled.

 Ultrasonic cutting of cake on a plate

Cutting of cake on a plate;
Ultrasonic cutting increases the speed and gives a better result.

 Ultrasonic cutting butter from an extruder

Cutting butter from an extruder.
Due to the ultrasonic the butter does not stick to the knife, the blades remain clean and the weight tolerance is therefore minimal.